The Rolling Fix


The Rolling Fix are mobile bicycle mechanics making servicing your bike as convenient as riding it.


We are not a typical bike shop, focusing on service, safety and growing Sydney’s cycling culture. We pride ourselves on efficiency, personality and care.


We provide a convenient and professional service and cater to all clients from big businesses to individuals a like.

We service vintage ladies cruisers to high-end carbon race bikes and all the commuters in between.

100% mobile! Which means no hassles for you!


General Servicing

A completely mobile workshop, we come to you. If you have a squeak, knock or tick, one of our service packages will sort it out. No job is too big or small, if you have a specific issue then just ask.

Fix Bike Fit

At Fix bike fit, Mike Blackwell uses a methodical and individual approach to bike fit and stays away from the “average person” formulas because as Mike is fully aware of in his work as a Physiotherapist, there is no such thing as an “average person”.

Office Day

Time is money. Do you or your staff ride to work? With a completely mobile workshop we come to your office and provide services and safety checks. With package deals available, it couldn't be more efficient.

Special Events

Organising a Cycling specific charity ride, race or event? As a completely mobile workshop we can provide on site servicing, safety checks, cycling snacks and coffee. The full pro team support package.

“The Rolling Fix is a great service that removes the hassle and fits into your schedule, at your home or your place of work.”

The Versatile Gent

“A mobile bicycle repair service that finds the customer where ever they are in Sydney's CBD and tends to their bicycle woes”

MX Sydney

Save time - Invite us to service your team in your office block


Flat Tyre


  • Supply new tube
  • fix your flat tyre
  • safety check

Basic Service


  • Gear tune
  • Brake alignment
  • Lubricate drivetrain
  • safety check

General Service

$189 Most popular!

  • Tighten major bearings
  • Wheel alignment
  • lubricate drivetrain
  • plus basic service
  • Safety Check

Deluxe service


  • overhaul bottom bracket
  • overhaul headset
  • degrease drivetrain
  • clean frame
  • plus general service
  • Safety check

Additional Services:

Service Brake $15.00 – Install Pedals $20.00 -  Wrap Bar Tape $20.00 – Replace Chain $20.00

Replace Cassette $20.00 - Service Headset $30.00 – Slam Stem $40.00 - Service Bottom Bracket $40.00

Gear Tune $45.00 -Insurnce Quote $40.00  - Bike Wash $50.00 – Box Bike For Travel $70.00

We keep it simple: $15 call out fee up to 10km from Sydney CBD anything further we treat uniquely.

Are you special? We can accommodate any of your unique needs

Your Team

Cameron Harrison

Cameron Harrison

Head Mechanic

Cameron has a passion for riding his bike fast. His experience includes of a season on the National Road Series, as well as the UCI 2.2 tour of Ireland,and Noosa and NSW international criterium series. Using his engineering degree and mechanical experience to make your bike as smooth and efficient as possible is his specialty.

    Thomas Treloar

    Thomas Treloar

    Operations Director

    It’s not Thomas if you don’t see him smiling around bikes. With a great understanding of digital, marketing and entertainment sectors he is an indispensable part of The Rolling Fix team. You’ll feel like his best friend instantly as he wows you with his creative flair, impeccable manner and ninja-like organization skills.


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